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Accountancy – A necessary ‘Evil’ and dull profession

by admin on May 15, 2015 Comments Off

A story shared by an accountant

I can still remember the day when my boss called me as a ” necessary evil” way back when I was still starting my career in the company. I did not take much notice on what he said, since I am new to my position as a Group Financial Controller which is now equivalent to Chief Financial Officer. Fortunately, I needed to keep my records clean and in order, as one of the heads in Finance, so that the management will know and understand what are its expenses and for what it was. The negative side is that, my boss would make such statements when I disagree to release funds for his expensive toys, so this statement is not much in a complimentary manner. What my boss did not understand is that it is not for me to say whether his toys are expensive or not. What I clearly understood is that I am accountable for all the funds to ensure that these are expenses are for the benefit of the company, which is not much clear for my boss.

As an accountant in an accounting firm, we should be treated as equal, irrespective of what their position is. An accountant tends to apply all they have learned from college and later will they know that the accounting and bookkeeping principles are slowly forgotten as their career progresses and ambition flourishes. More often, compromises are set of a person tend to be in the group. If one will disapprove, they will not be considered as a team player, so how can you develop camaraderie in this kind of situation? Of course, the environment is not considered as a political campaign or a contest that needs to be won, however, there are times that you need to be play as tough as the others to fulfill your role in the company.

Well, for some accounting is considered to be a very boring subject to many. What a lot of people do not know is that this course is very interesting because there are so many aspects in cloud accounting that you need to learn to be called as your profession. In addition, more people are astounded to what this profession comprises of. Getting an accounting degree in a well-known college may not be as easy as you may think. You will undergo tough exams, subjects like cost cloud accounting, statistics, financial accounting services and many more. The real challenge can be experienced after graduation.

adminAccountancy – A necessary ‘Evil’ and dull profession