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Accounting Myths vs. Facts

by admin on October 3, 2015 Comments Off

Every business enterprise needs a good understanding of the basic of the accounting. Although tax preparation is one of the Accounting Services Singapore, the accounting firms in Singapore that provide the said services also offer a lot more for the growth of the business. More than the need for proper recording, there are also several myths and false facts to eliminate, which is why it is important that you understand the facts about accounting.

Here are four myths busted with the facts that will help you understand accounting better:

Myth #1. The importance of accounting is for tax purposes only.

Fact: Accounting is designed not only for the tax time, but for all the accounting periods. Each recording is important for the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting. By keeping books and records of the daily transactions, you will come up with an updated record that you can use for the growth and productivity of your business, instead of doing it during tax time only. These accounting services for small business is useful all throughout the business life.


Myth #2. Manual accounting is the right accounting. You do not need any other accounting options.

Fact: Now that we are in the digital world, even the accounting system can be upgraded using software. Some businesses are already using accounting software because of the many benefits it provides. Cloud accounting is another way for the enterprises, especially the small to medium businesses, to maintain and update the books.

There is actually nothing wrong with the manual accounting and simple bookkeeping, but if the software provides convenience and efficiency, why not opt for the better and help your business achieve its goals at less expense and stress.


Myth #3. Accounting of business is only for the professional. The owner should leave it to the experts.

Fact: Although accounting should be done precisely and correctly, it does not mean that you, as the owner, do not have the concern. First and foremost, the business is yours and you are the one who envisioned it for a certain purpose. Instead of leaving all the accounting and financial records and reports to the accountant, be involved in the financial matters to understand how you can make your business successful. Your investment in the business should be your motivation to keep it growing.


Myth #4. Everyone can use the accounting software without really understanding it.

Fact: Accounting software are designed for ease and convenience in keeping books and accounting, but because this is about your financial investment,you should also learn how to use the program so that you will be able to interpret its report. The more you understand the process and the program, especially how it is systematically processed, you will be able to appreciate your business as it achieves success. The Accounting Services Singapore provided by the best accounting firms may give you the right step to establish your business accounting.

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