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Finding the Right Accountant

by admin on March 29, 2015 Comments Off

Your business is your valuable investment and it is expected that you do all the necessary procedures to keep it operating productively and successfully. To help you with that, you will need the service of a reliable accountant. Whether you need one to prepare the tax computation, or you want a reliable bookkeeper to handle all your or you want to have a precise financial statement, an accountant will always give you the right service for what you need. In fact, by hiring a professional accountant, you might be able to avoid unnecessary expenses on tax and other matters. The Accounting Services Singapore may be helpful for your business, especially in bookkeeping and other accounting tasks.

You will find a lot of professional and reliable accounting firms in Singapore where you can hire an accountant. Before you seek one,it is best to determine first which type of accounting services for small business Singapore that you need most, or if you want to maximize the hire by looking for one who can do just about everything regarding the accounting practices.


Different Accounting Specialization

The accounting profession has different specialization and you may need the right person to handle what your business needs. Although most of the accounting firms are now offering outsourcing accounting Singapore with cloud accounting or with the use of the most innovative accounting software, you may still want to consider the specialization of an accountant. Here are the basic types of accountants that you can hire.


Certified Public Accountant or CPA

The CPAs are professional accountants who are licensed and certified to provide the accounting services. One can do more than just recording the transactions or keeping track of the business. A licensed one can also provide auditing and taxation computations, as well as consultations regarding the accounting matters.



Bookkeepers are not licensed and certified, but they have the knowledge and professionalism in handling proper bookkeeping tasks and in keeping the books of accounts precise and truthful. These will be used for the accounting purposes.


Tax Preparer

Those accountants who do preparation of financial statements and computation of taxes to pay are licensed. Tax declaration should be prepared and signed by a licensed accountant.

adminFinding the Right Accountant