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How to Become a CA: What It Really Takes

by admin on August 11, 2015 Comments Off

C and A – accountancy students and professionals alike strive for years just to earn these two letters. To them these letters are the symbols of their dedication and hard work towards reaching their goals. To obtain the title Chartered Accountant, one must finish a difficult accountancy course then afterwards pass rigorous national exams. No wonder, most accounting services in Singapore are performed by CAs.

The destination is high and the path is rough. Though nothing can beat passion and persistence, there are still some simple tips which could ease out the hardships an aspirant might face. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Know the requirements

Determining the specific qualifications of the state from which you want to be certified should be the foremost step an aspiring licensed accountant needs to take. In Singapore, those who want to be a Chartered Accountant should undergo the Singapore Qualification Program. This program, launched in June 2013 is open to both accountants and non-accountants. This is the initiative of the Singaporean government in promoting the country as a major accounting hub by 2020.

Preparing for the exams

The low passing rates of the previous CA exams will tell you that it is indeed difficult. That’s why a lot of hard work should be done if you really want to be issued a license. You should always allot sufficient time to absorb the lessons; avoid procrastination.

Obtain a list of topics so that you can create a study guide for yourself. Assess your proficiency in each topic by taking practice exams. The lower the scores you get on a certain subject, the more time you should consume in reviewing it. Learn by doing- answer as many problems as you can. Retention is better if you actually practice what you learn.

Pushing yourself… consistently

After studying a chapter or two, people usually tend to be lazy. Well, it’s a human thing. Maybe the reason why only a handful of examinees pass is because only a few among those aspirants can actually resist the distractions around them.

Study when it’s time for you to study and sleep when it’s time for you to sleep. You need to balance everything. Should you have long study hours, take short breaks in between them. A lot of studies show that quick breaks or naps are very powerful agents for refreshing the mind and the body. When facing temptations, always remind yourself of the rewards you will get after passing the exams. Imagine yourself as a CA- having all the rights to perform accounting services in Singapore- not everyone can claim that!

Inside the examination room

If you prepared enough for the exams, then, the test itself is just 1% of your battle. Clear your mind; don’t study in the room, that’s procrastination. Manage your time wisely. Be positive but not overly confident.


The title Chartered Accountant is available only to those who deserve it. It’s a symbol of excellence and an emblem of achievement. It’s not just something that appears when you want it; you have to work for it!

adminHow to Become a CA: What It Really Takes