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More Accountants And Finance Professionals Are Working From Home

by admin on June 10, 2015 Comments Off

According to a research by Telework Research Network, 1 in every 5 Americans works from home and the number is estimated to rise 60 % by the next five years. While there are jobs that require you to come to office because you have to sit in business meetings or meet clients every day, there are other jobs like accounting services Singapore or bookkeeping services that are flexible and allow telecommuting. It is a blessing in disguise as you can save on fuel and work without any constant supervision. Moreover, one does not waste time on getting ready for office every day or socialize with coworkers during work hours. Furthermore, it has lower absenteeism rate as the employee can start working whenever he feels better and hence exhibits increased efficiency and productivity. Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of working from home owing to their specific nature of job.

More accountants and finance professionals have started to work from home. According to a CPA Trendlines survey of around 800 accountants, more than one-third of accountants work from home.

Here are some ways to make work from home prolific:

Have a right set up:

Working with poor technology can only make you exasperated and leave you unable to finish your work in time. Additionally, without a proper set up and work space, a person cannot properly concentrate on work and keeps getting interrupted. Using accounting software is a good option for work from home accountants.

Ask for cooperation:

It is extremely essential that your family members collaborate with you and ensure that they do not disturb you while you are working. Make sure that you call a meeting with your family members and clarify them that you need their cooperation in order to make it possible.

Minimize disruptions:

Make sure that you have a separate room for work that is away from all the distractions and temptations that can sidetrack you. You should preferably keep the door shut during work. Do not take a break in the middle of a task as it really gets problematic to continue again from where you left.

Eat at specific hours:

Make sure that you have specific hours set to eat and you do not keep wasting time by checking the fridge again and again. Furthermore, do not bring anything to your work table. Eat or drink outside your work space and leave the multitasking to those who love wasting time.

Stop checking your emails every minute:

We all know that emails are sometimes extremely urgent and need to be responded early. But checking them every minute will distract you from your current task and you will not be able to work efficiently with such divided attention. Instead check them every time you finish a task.

Cut off the noise completely:

Make sure that you have a pair of headphones that help you cut off the TV volume and other noises such as noises of your kids playing and running around relentlessly at home. It is obviously impossible to make sure there is pin drop silence at your home. But it is surely possible that you muffle the noise.

If you are a work from home accountant you must keep looking for companies that outsource accounting.

adminMore Accountants And Finance Professionals Are Working From Home