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Small Business Accounting – Common Mistakes to Avoid

by admin on April 27, 2015 Comments Off

Most of the small business owners can handle accounting process on their own. In general, small businesses try to look for ways to save as much money as possible. In-house accounting process can be a practical method for owners who are in tight budget. Small business can attain their success on its financial efficiency. Nothing is more upsetting than to deal with financial accounting, but it’s up to the business owners on how they can cope up and handle this kind of challenge.

So here are the top common mistakes that small businesses should avoid:


  1. Getting rid of important receipts

Good accountancy comes with proper documentation. This would mean keeping all of the receipt for your future reference.


  1. Misclassifications

Employees, contractors and freelancers are different types of work that you might get in contact with. Small businesses tend to categorize these for accountancy purposes. It can also impact small businesses in regards to tax reports. If correct classification of process is done then you will have a correct financial data.


  1. Avoiding usage of accounting software

Many people tend to avoid usage of modernized accounting software. Technology helped a lot of people when it comes to work, especially the business industry. Owners must try and test these accounting software applications to check if it is appropriate with their business. This will also lessen the chances of error on their financial data.


  1. Absence of Organization

The practice of organized accountancy will help in maintaining proper communication in every party. This will also help track records from latest to old records which are getting behind with the bookkeeping. Keeping records organized will keep the system secured and free or errors.


It would be a great mistake to claim that all of the in-house accountants are incompetent. In fact, most of them have the aptitude for the role and they perform well in their job. All accountants vary according to their skills and expertise so it is up to the business owner what kind of qualities they are looking for. Accounting services in Singapore would love to work with accountants who are experienced in different fields in accounting, and they trust them with all of their heart just to ensure that all financial records are kept updated and correct.

adminSmall Business Accounting – Common Mistakes to Avoid