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What is Cloud Accounting?

by admin on April 1, 2015 Comments Off

For your business in Singapore, whether it is small or not, you can opt to maximize the convenience and usability of cloud accounting. The Accounting Services Singapore include this online recording of transactions and computation that are necessary for the accounting of the business. Now that outsource accounting Singapore is gaining popularity, and many owners of small business prefer to handle the tasks on their own, a lot of online accounting services are also becoming in demand. When you talk about online accounting, the most popular one is the cloud accounting.

Cloud accounting is an online accounting procedure that does not require the installation of an accounting software. A remote server and application is offered to small to medium businesses. The accounting firms in Singapore may provide the access to the application, which the owner can use in keeping his or her business records of transactions. For just a small cost for fee, the financial records will be maintained and managed easily without the need to hire an accountant for the bookkeeping services.

This type of accounting system is ruled and regulated based on the accounting standards which are created professionally by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

The virtual accountants may be hired for this practice. He or she does not have to be physically present in your business office or location to do the job. With the help of the Internet, the virtual accountant can post the transactions you provide to the online ledgers and journals. If you are the owner, the online accounting Singapore may be new to you. Some accounting applications and program can be difficult to understand, but with this kind of online accounting, you can count on the virtual accountants to do the job.


The Cloud Accounting and Traditional Accounting

Compared to traditional accounting, cloud accounting is already formatted and pre-programmed for easy posting to the journals, ledgers, and financial statements. All these are done manually in traditional accounting, only that, you will need to pay for the remote servers to use it. But because you may opt to not hire a bookkeeper, you are also cutting on cost for salaries and wages if you will use the cloud accounting.


Other Advantages in using Cloud Accounting

There are also other advantages related to the use of cloud accounting. Aside from saving on expenses, you will also find this system as a program that you can use anytime you want. With just a little amount for the subscription, you are actually paying less for a professional accounting service your business needs.

adminWhat is Cloud Accounting?