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Why Did I Become An Accountant?

by admin on May 2, 2015 Comments Off

If you are an Accountant, have you come to ask yourself that question?

A lot of people think being an Accountant is boring. Still many in general don’t see the significance the way Accountants deal with numbers and how they speak with terms and jargon that nobody seems to understand.

We all know that Mathematics is one of the most technical major subjects in school. Some Accountants would justify that this subject is not really their favorite. Although people would say that to be an Accountant you should be very good in Math or bookkeeping or at least become definitely average on it.

First reason why I become an Accountant is the strong accounting influence within the family. I have parents, sisters, brothers, and relatives who are all accountants. These people were the contributing factors why I become an Account.

Second reason why I push to become an Accountant is because it was a good idea as any. I never even get that chance to discuss the course with my parents. Although with them Accounting software would be the best course as they all the positive side of it and for sure they won’t be dwelling on the negative side.

Third reason was all about my desired university. It’s like having a tunnel vision more in a positive way. It came to a point where I wanted so badly to study to this particular school and that whatever course the admission personnel would recommend to me will I be accepting it as long as it’s within my chosen university.

Fourth, probably due to my Accounting influence in my family, I kind of developed and enjoyed my number crunching side. There are several types of Accounting, Public and Private Accounting firm. But, what’s really important is that you can easily find job as an Accountant to any of the well renowned accounting firm or Accounting Services provider company. It is a very practical profession as well.

There is a great dynamic for being an Accountant. If you’re an accountant, your knowledge will never be stagnant and static. In fact, even certified accountants are advice to continue pursuing professional growth and education even after getting the license. Such requirement of continuing professional education is based on the accounting and auditing standards which are constantly changing from time to time. To cope up with this a continuous learning must be acquired.

Another reason why I have become an accountant is my love for studying various businesses. Being an accountant gets you exposed to a lot of businesses and with that opportunity learning and studying it becomes a privilege that you don’t want to miss. The elements of mathematics and its calculations are actually becoming automatic. Having all these broad knowledge in accounting also gives me the confidence and edge if ever I wanted to establish my own accounting firm.

adminWhy Did I Become An Accountant?