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Why Do Accountants Lose Clients?

by admin on October 14, 2015 Comments Off

Many accountants, even the certified ones who are already in the accounting field for quite some time now, still lose clients from time to time. What could be the reason for such loss? As there are many accounting firms in Singapore that provide quality and reliable accounting services Singapore today, there are also many clients who want a specific service for their specific business or industry. Here are some of the common mistakes of a CPA that lead to losing clients:


  1. Failure to deliver on time.

Whether it is an accounting or a bookkeeping service Singapore, you have to deliver the service on time. The records and reports will be needed from time to time, which is why it is important that you have them always ready and available, in case a business meeting is called for by the owner. If you fail in doing or completing the reports, especially on a given schedule, your clients will tend to leave and drop your accounting services.


Aside from the daily accounting tasks, the accounting services for small business Singapore also include the preparation of tax. Being ahead or on time is also of great importance during the tax time or tax period. All businesses, especially the smaller ones, want their tax declaration prepared and completed accurately on time. If you are able to provide them the needed financial reports, or if you can prepare and compute the tax ahead of time, the better for your clients and their business.


  1. Failure to communicate well to clients.

Clients want immediate response, whether they are just inquiring for the accounting services you offer, or they are looking for a specific accounting task to avail. Your prompt response to emails, phone calls, customer service inquiries, and other means of communications will give them the interest to hire you, especially if you are one of the best providers of accounting services.


  1. Failure to establish your value.

Many clients opt for outsource accounting because of value. As a service provider, your clients will stay if they know and understand your value to their business. You are not just hired to do the tasks, but to help the business improve its productivity as well. As you do the tasks, establish your value to the company. This will keep them on hiring you and on availing your provided bookkeeping services. Once the clients did not recognize your value through the services you provide, you will end up losing them for good.

adminWhy Do Accountants Lose Clients?