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Xero Accounting: How to do quote, estimate and invoice in just a few clicks

by admin on March 24, 2015 Comments Off

Xero made accounting simply. With ALT, accounting services Singapore, is never worrying. Xero cloud accounting allows you to create quote, estimate and invoice easily with just a few clicks away. Get paid faster with the online payment. Most beneficial for accounting services for small business Singapore.

At sales quote enables you to show prospective customers what the cost would be for the work that like to have done. With Xero accounting, you can now send your quote to your customer on the spot. When is time to bill your customer, simply create the invoice from the quote in a few clicks which they simply pay online.

To get started, enter the quote from the sales area at Xero. Add the customer name, date and when the quote will expire. If you want, you can also include title and plenty of descriptions to summaries all the important details of the proposal. Then fill in line by line in details of the work and the proposed cost. To save time later, you can choose the sales account code so already in place when you create the invoice. When is ready just send it straight to your customers.

It is easy to customise the look of your quote with a few touches so it suit your business. In the invoice setting, go to the invoice theme you be using. If you prefer to send out estimates rather than quote, you can change that name in the “Quote title” field. Just ensure that you uploaded your logo and it is done. Your quote will look great.

Xero has the simple way to manage your quote work flow as well. The tabs shows the number of quote currently under each status so you can track them and follow up. You can go in and make changes. You can select quote and choose various action such as copying content to a new quote. It comes in handy when you often quote for similar jobs.

Once you secured the job, just mark the quote as accepted. When you ready to bill the customer, find the quote under the “Accepted” tab and create the invoice directly from it just like that. With the details already there, simply choose the invoice date and approve. Email it to your customer and they can pay online by clicking “Pay Now”.

adminXero Accounting: How to do quote, estimate and invoice in just a few clicks