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11 Expectations To Set For Your Bookkeeper

by admin on May 26, 2015 Comments Off

If you set high expectations for the bookkeeper you hire and also communicate them to him then he will ensure that he stays at the apex by fulfilling the expectations and proves to be a great asset to provide bookkeeping services for business. A clear and effective communication in this regard lays the foundation of a great bookkeeping, leading to financial growth of the company.

Here are 11 expectations to set for your bookkeeper:

They must know the art of prioritizing:

Communicate with your bookkeeper and make him clear on what are the most important aspects of finance of your business and what high priority tasks are and what can be demanded on immediate basis. This will help the bookkeeper in prioritizing the tasks and allocating every task the required time accordingly.

They must know the entire back ground:

They must have a clear understanding of history of financial performance of the company. They must know the reason behind every financial transaction so that they are better able to understand the importance every transaction holds.

The must not need reminder again and again:

Running a business is not easy and requires undivided attention. A bookkeeper must understand that he cannot be constantly reminded of any financial report that he needs to submit on time. He must keep track of time himself and ensure the submission in due time. He can depend on cloud accounting to make his documentation and data keeping work easy.

They should provide financial statements on the 12th of every month:

They must make sure that they submit the financial statements by the 12th of every month. All three financial statements i.e. balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit/loss statement hold significant importance and need to be available before 12th of every month.

They must not leave you in rough times:

A company can go through tough times. So, a book keeper must not leave when the conditions are tough and should be loyal enough to stay and help the company survive through the tough times.

They must comply with the organizational rules:

They must understand and respect organizational rules and must not break them. Rules apply to everyone including the CEO and no member of a company is above the rules being set. They must not break any rule. For e.g. they must not work towards sowing discord among other coworkers

They must be adaptable to change:

The technology is advancing every second and like other areas, it seeps into book keeping as well. A bookkeeper must not show rigidity in learning the latest book keeping methods or handling newly implemented cloud accounting services software and convectional accounting software. He must work hard to learn new skills that are introduced.

They must be able to provide valuable suggestions:

Bookkeeper’s job is not only dealing with number crunching and paper work, he must be smart enough to suggest any changes needed in allocation of financial budget or costs that are hurting the financial statement.

They must be proactive:

They must be proactive enough to forecast the income statement by predicting changes in revenue or budget.

They must be honest:

As finances are the backbone of a company, a bookkeeper must be honest and loyal to never twist the financial figure.

They can be held accountable for any fraudulent activities:

Yes, with great power comes great responsibility and a bookkeeper must realize that he can be accused of theft or any fraudulent activities if the company is performing mysteriously bad.

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