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Five Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business

by admin on August 26, 2015 Comments Off

Managing a small business may not be as simple as you thought it is. You will need to know how to systematically record and organize documents and receipts. If you want your business to grow, it is imperative for you, as the owner, to have a set of books for the accounting of your business. You will appreciate it when you need to make a major decision, and during the tax period. The Bookkeeping Services Singapore can help you start the system if you are not sure how to. To help you with your bookkeeping, here are five tips that you can follow:


  1. Forecast Future Expenses.

Forecast major expenses like upgrades and expansion. It is best to include the five year forecast in your plans so that you will be able to save the money while earning, and avoid spending on unnecessary items. The accounting firm provide professional accountants to help you. If you know that you are preparing for a major decision in the coming year, like the purchase of a property for your business, you will tend to minimize your expenses in current year and save more for the future.


  1. Keep track of expenses.

Keeping receipts of your expenses will actually benefit your business a lot. This is because expenses will reduce the amount you are going to pay for taxes. All these receipts will be useful during auditing time as well, and it is part of the accounting services for small business offered by the licensed accountants.


Records of business meetings, along with the expenses incurred are very important. If you can’t keep the receipts, at least keep record of the date and venue in your journal or calendar to remind you of what you spent for such event.


  1. Keep track of cash and check deposits.

The cash in bank may come from different sources, and each amount should be recorded properly. If you have additional cash from loans, or you sold an equipment or machinery, make sure you have the receipts and records. You will not want these cash to be considered as cash from sales when it is not, or else your tax payable would be higher. Seek Bookkeeping Services Singapore firm to ensure your recording is correct.


  1. Save some money to pay for taxes.

You will pay the tax soon, so better save a portion of your income every month. This is actually a common thing when it comes to accounting because taxes are due, if not every month, at the end of the year.


  1. Update your invoices.

Accounts that you need to pay should be cleared every now and then to avoid paying charges for late payment. You can maximize any accounting software if you want constant reminders of due dates for payment. The Accounting Services Singapore will help you manage your small business without spending too much for professional fees.

adminFive Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business