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10 Reasons Why Cloud Accountant loves Xero

by admin on April 30, 2015 Comments Off

Xero is so far the best online accounting software. As of the moment the New Zealand-based company is about to bring a radical change to the industry and its software has been at the inner most layer of our growing accounting firms in Singapore. It’s what gives us the opportunity to function in the best possible manner without affecting the quality of service.

So what makes Xero really great?

We’ve summarized down the top 10 helpful effects of Xero:

  1. Xero supports data entry – Client’s bank account is then associated with Xero. Xero accounting is automatically programmed to download all the transactions several times a week. The data being gathered will be forwarded for the bookkeepers so they can work with it as well.


  1. Xero doesn’t limit us – Unlike other accounting software, a service fee may be applied for every user, while Xero allows multiple users even for a single file without any single charge.


  1. Xero is perspicacious – The software easily adapts and learns from the user. If a transaction is being done, it will prompt you if you want to do the same process from your previous financial activity. This aids with consistency, as well as storing accurate and reliable data entry.


  1. Xero is fixed and stable – Our pointed associates only have access to the Xero files which are just significantly needed. And different roles are being assigned to each of our employees. Say for example, bookkeepers may be authorized to code transactions but they are not allowed to create any entries for journal.


  1. Xero is flawlessly smooth – Data are securely kept. It allows us to deliver Excel files as bank statements, and we can import files from QuickBooks without deleting other data or system records. This also guarantees a seamless transition for new members who come with the current record that’s already on file. And through this, we are able to save energy not having to re-enter same data all over and over again.


  1. Xero is open – Xero has also an open API. This is from third parties creating a significant software or add ons for Xero. This is common even in accounting services in Singapore. It covers everything from tracing to project planning to inventory. We monitor and observe the add-ons and provide feedbacks or suggestions as needed to satisfy the demand and needs of each client.


  1. Xero is instinctive – Bookkeeping services always prefer the use of Xero because it’s user friendly and very easy to navigate its interface. Collaborations and communication with clients are easily done with the used of Xero. Outsource Accounting Singapore Employees are also fully satisfied with the design of the said software.


  1. Xero is accessible – Xero is cloud based software which is fully available anytime and anywhere. Some clients would access the software directly from smart mobile applications.


  1. Xero supports CPA’s – You can provide your CPA or tax preparer a login account for xero just so they could apply the adjustments on journal entries as easy as possible.


  1. Xero reinvents the reconciliation process – In Xero business transactions are easily monitored and recovered. Through the daily downloads of transaction data, reconciliation with the bank can be accomplished on a continuous basis, which avoid delays and month-end inconvenience.
admin10 Reasons Why Cloud Accountant loves Xero