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App of the Week: Xero Cloud Accounting

by admin on April 21, 2015 Comments Off

Over the years small and medium sized business enterprises are struggling with the traditional accounting software. There are certain restrictions for single users, limitations for manual back-ups and unsecured data transfer are all common for the traditional accounting software. These factors are common burdens for users and accounting services Singapore. Fortunately, there are some innovations for accounting software which can change the old process of accounting. A new cloud accounting based software has been released to the public and it is known as Xero.

Cloud based accounting is considered 100% online. It will require no product installation, all the necessary updates are free and everything that a user need is installed in together with the program. Users must not be worried about possible corruption of files because there is an automatic back-up which will give peace to your mind. Xero accounting has developed a an application which can be used for mobile phones which is called Xero touch. All of the services are available wherever you are so that you can operate your business to its highest potential.

Xero Accounting software is now available for Mac, PC, tablet and smart phones and setting it up on these gadgets are quite easy. Users will just have to upload the company’s information and connect the software to its bank account. Xero will secure all the important information just like the companies transaction for online banking, all of the necessary information are transferred online and users will not be worried about unsecured transfers. We all know that everyone of us has our own priorities in life, especially when it comes to finances and bookkeeping. Through the use of Xero, they will be able to pick and choose on what kind of report they want to see on their dashboard. One of their feature is the organized and easy to drag applications.

Your dashboard can display all the necessary information like the business cash flow, manage back accounts, view all the remaining balances and transactions, including the outstanding balances of the customers. The statement will be available for easy and faster reconciliation. Once Xero is connected to the bank accounts like PayPal you will be able to unlock its ability to receive the automated statements. This kind of feature will make the reconciliation faster and easier to manage. This accounting software can provide over 40 financial reports for the owners benefit. They can choose to edit and rearrange the report according to Xero’s templates. Accounting services Singapore has never been made easy and simple because of this modern accounting software.

adminApp of the Week: Xero Cloud Accounting