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The Top 10 Reasons Why Xero Accounting Rocks

by admin on July 22, 2015 Comments Off

Sure enough there’s a lot of accounting software companies offering accounting services in Singapore, but one brand stands out, and that is Xero accounting. So what’s with this product? Why should it be regarded as among the best? We’ll list out in this article all the reasons why businesses should trust Xero accounting.

  1. Xero aids in data entry

Other accounting software will require you to input almost everything- from invoices to bills to receipts. But with Xero, bookkeepers will have less to work. This software connects to clients bank accounts and automatically feeds it to your storage so that bank reconciliation will be easier.

  1. Xero doesn’t limit users

Xero allows unlimited number of user accounts to simultaneously access their company’s account. Other providers would normally limit the number of users that can use their software. And to sweeten things up, you don’t have to pay an additional fee for every new log-in account!

  1. Xero is intelligent

Xero is not your typical software, it is intelligent. It records the way you do work, and will ask you if you want the same procedure for future similar transactions.

  1. Xero is secure

This software’s security is as par as that of financial institutions. Xero’s staff has access only to the files they need. Furthermore, the company has strict internal controls involving segregation of duties among their employees.

  1. Xero is seamless

Through Xero, you can import bank statements as excel files. Analyzing your bank inflows and outflows will be a lot easier. For those who are transitioning from QuickBooks, you can smoothly transfer your files to Xero accounting without losing any of them.

  1. Xero is open

As an open API, third parties can create useful add-ons to Xero accounting. Programmers can provide you with products from time trackers to project management to inventory. Xero evaluates each one of them and then advises clients if there are add-ons that fit with their needs.

  1. Xero is user-friendly

The user interface of Xero is well-designed for easy navigation and use by their clients.

  1. Xero is easily accessible

Because it is a cloud accounting software, you can access your files anytime, anywhere! All you need is a device and an internet connection. Xero even has a mobile version, the Xero Touch, which you can install in your smart phone.

  1. Xero Helps CPAs

It is undeniable that CPAs have a lot of work in an organization. With Xero, his load will be minimized and he can give more focus on things that add value to the company. With that, you can get more value from the payment you give to your accountant.

  1. Xero simplifies bank reconciliation

Xero can upload around 7,000 bank feeds from more than 5,000 financial institutions worldwide. With this capacity, Xero can easily fetch the bank movements of your business, match it with your cash books, and then give you a bank reconciliation statement. How many other accounting software can offer that?

If you’re looking for accounting services in Singapore, try out Xero!


adminThe Top 10 Reasons Why Xero Accounting Rocks