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Why Xero Rocks

by admin on June 22, 2015 Comments Off

To manage your business properly and accordingly, you will need to maintain good accounting records for tax purposes and for your future decisions regarding your investment. But if you do not have the right accounting system, it will be very stressful for you to manage your business, especially during tax seasons. There are Accounting Services Singapore that you can avail from the reputable accounting firm in Singapore, but you may want to opt for the Xero accounting system for a more efficient and convenient accounting system.

Here are some of the reasons why Xero accounting rocks:

  1. Xero is based on Cloud Accounting. Because it is a Cloud-based accounting system, you can access your books and data anytime and anywhere. Even your accountant and bookkeeper can have a secured access to your account, which means they do not have to go to your office every time you need help with the transactions.
  2. Xero has the automatic bank feeds. Through the codes that Xero uses and recognizes, it can match the bank transactions directly for updated bank feeds. You do not have to manually make an input of the bank statement into your Xero records. Bank reconciliation and bank statements are always needed in managing the cash flow and in all accounting, and with the Xero system, this is made more convenient for you as the business owner.
  3. Customized Invoicing. Every business should have the right invoicing procedure. This accounting software offers the most convenient and customized invoicing procedure that is fast and easy to do for any business owner. Even if you are not familiar with this system, you will easily get by because of its simplicity and efficiency.
  4. Backup plus Security in one. There is a necessity to always have a backup, but with the Xero Accounting through Cloud, you will have an automatic backup and a great support for security. You are assured of the security and protection of your data and financial information anytime.
  5. Overview of account through the Dashboard. The dashboard gives you a brief information about your bank accounts, credit card accounts, Paypal accounts, money coming in and going out, and all your expenses. This system offers you a central hub of the wherein you can do more than just bookkeeping and accounting of your daily transactions for your monthly reports, but it allows you to do all your tasks associated to your business and how you can manage it properly. It is better than getting Accounting Services Singapore from other providers.
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