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Xero Accounting: Accounting Software of the Future

by admin on July 25, 2015 Comments Off

Due to limited resources, small and medium enterprises often resort to accounting software that are rigid. These systems are restricted to a single user and data transfers are unsecured. Among the software products that offer accounting services in Singapore, one is a stand-out, and it is called Xero accounting.

Xero is a cloud accounting platform, meaning it is 100% online. No need for product installation at the same time updates are free. To give you peace of mind, anything you do in the program is backed-up automatically. It’s an interesting product isn’t it?

With its innovations, Xero accounting had swept its competitors in the water. This software even has a mobile application counterpart, the Xero Touch. Now you can manage your business anytime, anywhere! All you’ll need is a handheld device and an internet, and you’re good to go.


Cloud-based security

Xero can be accessed through any device (PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone). You just simply upload your company info and connect your company bank account to access the software. Are you afraid of hackers? Better not be. Xero’s security is same as that of an online banking. Data transfers are more protected because you don’t have to use unsecured physical transfers like using a flash drive.


Customizable Dashboard

Bookkeeping Services is easier than ever with Xero’s customizable dashboard. You can choose what reports you can see through simple drag-and-drop functionality. With the dashboard, you can monitor cash flows, manage bank accounts and view balances and transactions of bills and customers’ accounts. Statement lines are also available for easy and immediate reconciliation.


Bank Reconciliation

By connecting your Xero to your PayPal, bank account or credit card account, you will be able to receive auto-imported, categorized statements. The bank reconciliation feature makes it effortless to manage accounts and is as easy as pressing “OK”.


Smart Reports

Xero accounting can provide over 40 kinds of financial reports to its users. You may either choose an existing template or customize your own. You can track your business by department, region, etc.



Creating and mailing invoices is quick and simple with this software. You can even send your customers a link to their bill which includes a “Pay Now” button. On your part, you’ll be notified if the client already saw the bill, and how many times did he/she looked at it.


Expense claims

You can add a paper receipt to your books by simply taking a picture of it with your smart phone, and uploading it to Xero touch. “Payments” feature allows you to keep track of expenses, until a payment or reimbursement is made, and which will immediately be shown in your bank statement.


Bill management

Xero accounting will help you keep track of your bills, so that none of it will be paid late. It even has a feature which lets you pay your bills by batch.


Seamless payroll

A lot of accounting services in Singapore offer payroll, but it entails an additional payment. But with Xero, you can have both without paying separately!

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