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Xero Accounting– How Secure Is It?

by admin on June 4, 2015 Comments Off

It is really hard for accountants to convince to move away from the traditional accounting software. That is why they need to explain how secure Xero Accounting. Xero take seriously on protecting your information on the cloud. Some may thinks that storing your confidential information on the cloud may be risky, worrying information may leak somehow. You be surprise to know that your information stored in Xero’s cloud is always safe with bank level security. Xero have invested big dollars in industrial leading infrastructure and constantly improving their security level ensuring all data are kept safe. Making accounting services for businesses, easy, safe and secured. Business owner can focus on their core business with a peace of mind.

As compare to desktop accounting, all financial records stored in the cloud is protected by a powerful encryption, so there is no need for you to worry about getting hacked, unlike if you are storing it on local hard drives these incidents might happen:

  1. Data backups won’t work- We all know that computers are made complex and if it crashes or the software gets infected, then everything might turn as scary. Most of the common problem is that you can’t access your financial record because your backup started to fail. Well, the great news for all customers are using Xero, all the data information stored are automatically backed up daily.
  2. Lost or stolen laptops- losing a laptop is truly inconvenient on your part but with the use of Xero cloud accounting, you don’t have to worry about someone who will try to access to your financial records, as long as it is stored safely online then everything will be fine.
  3. Natural Disasters- With the use of the traditional accounting software, it would take weeks and even months for you to access your accounts or some of the worst cases their financial information is lost. Whereas, if you are using Xero accounting software then you can keep the financial side of your business in your good hands just by having a stable internet connection.
adminXero Accounting– How Secure Is It?