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Xero Announces Entrepreneur Matchmaking Feature

by admin on April 12, 2015 Comments Off

Today, Xero continues to introduce a new feature that can revolutionize dating. This so called feature is called Xero Dater. It matches entrepreneurs simply through algorithm, delivering the most precise matchmaking ever which provides positive impact for small business owners.

This new feature has been available since the 14th of February this year. Xero Dater can easily determine ideal partners by probing interactions within Xero Accounting. When two users occur together without conflicts, the system would check or inquire marital status and propinquity before completing the possible matches. The feature was fully developed accidentally after engineers within Xero’s development team accidentally established an algorithm that paired unmarried entrepreneurs based on common financial records.

Improving the lives of small business owners

Accounting Services Singapore and other bookkeeping services also acquire benefits from Xero Accounting. On the other hand, director Gary Turner, a UK managing director, believes that the product sits consistently within the scope of Xero.

Most of the young entrepreneur today who just started a business has limited time for social activities and meeting new people. This situation is due to their hectic daily routine. This is where the Xero Dater takes place, imagine your bank account being easily reconciled and discovering your life partner as well. This Accounting Software promotes seamless resolution to every entrepreneur’s daily objectives.

Accounting firm is always pleased to be able to lengthen the significance of Xero beyond beautiful accounting into this new field of wonderful relationships.

Research backs the relationship between romance and money

Wellington Institute for the Psychology of Dating (WIPD) made a research regarding Xero and how it interacts with finances which usually reflects the individual’s behaviour to coupling. Dr. Carl Menzies, who is the director of clinical research at Wellington Institute for the Psychology of Dating, provided a conclusion that there is a direct correlation between an entrepreneur’s financial relationship and their romantic connection with their life partner.

In addition, those who are most attentive to financial planners tend to be more attentive to their love lives. Those who have pre-defined long term goals generally show an earlier dedication and inclination to marriage.

Entrepreneur couple who are subjected to be wed

Going through the beta stage, Xero Dater shows that 74.3% of users open communications with a match, and 23.2% have successfully found their match. Entrepreneurs like Christina Watkins and Kyle Hoffman is now being engaged and soon to be wed.

adminXero Announces Entrepreneur Matchmaking Feature