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XERO for iPad is Now Available

by admin on April 15, 2015 Comments Off

Last March 5, 2015 Xero accounting services announced to the public market that their accounting software is available for all the iPad users. They can also download Xero on iTunes stores. The software company is building an award winning software application for all the available devices. Xero has been used by millions of Apple users all over the world. They aim to make Xero as available worldwide to deliver necessary business tools regardless of a device interface. This will make easier for all the business owners to stay connected with their financial reports anywhere in the world. Customer research has been undertaken by Xero accounting services because there was a lack of access and features provided by the traditional accounting software. It is reported that there is over 70% of Xero users in the United States who are using tablets to gain easy access to their business. They can just do a quick flip between their mobile and web applications, giving them instant access to their critical business reports, regardless of what kind of device they are using.

Through the iPad’s beautiful features such as its screen, Xero will be able to deliver both portrait and landscape views, this is a common popular request of the customers. There is a simpler and faster reconciliation of business transactions which can be easily accessed. They will just have to tap and see some of the additional details in the right corner of the screen. Using Xero on an iPad is quite simple and easy to comprehend, especially when it comes to reviewing payments and sending invoices on the go, this will save time and will boost your business financial capabilities. Bookkeeping can now be as easy if owners are using Xero as their accounting software, this will be able to meet the clients demand and requests may it be at home or at your office. Clients can also be easily accessed and reconciling records and addressing questions can be answered thoroughly.

The accounting software company has also announced that there are they will be releasing three small business guides which can give small businesses with the best practices and tips. These three guidelines are available on iTunes store. Customers have the benefit to ask queries with their ‘’no wait support’’. This would mean that accounting services Singapore don’t have to wait longer on the phone to talk to a customer service representative. Xero staff provides thorough support to their customers in different kinds of businesses they have. Accounting firms in Singapore are now using Xero on their iPads especially if they are away at their office.

adminXERO for iPad is Now Available