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Xero Goes Platinum in Singapore

by admin on May 20, 2015 Comments Off

What’s in it for Xero Accounting?

The presence of Xero in Asia is being strengthened more with its new alliance with KPMG Singapore. It also increases service demand for Xero Accounting in our growing global businesses.

Singapore is considered as one of the world’s largest city states, with an estimated population of 5.4 million in a land mass which is 0.26% the size if you compare this with New Zealand. Accounting firm and bookkeeping services provider in Singapore have a very competent entrepreneurial community which contributes great opportunities for SMEs and start-ups. This is being promoted and stimulated by its connections to growing firms, innovations and productivity inducements.

A launch event for our alliance with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) has been hosted by KPMG. The event was held at one-north, the area is a shared office space for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. The said space is financially supported by the Singapore Government. It is being situated on each of Singapore’s leading universities. The space contributes great to support for today’s start-up talent and it will also serves as a preparation for the new generation’s success stories. A huge number of entrepreneurs attended the event, all we’re excited to hear and learn more about how Xero Cloud Accounting became a fast growing global firm when it started from a start-up. It also led the discussion about how to achieve success as a start-up, promote growth and breed more ideas for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The main objective for this event was to exhibit how Xero and KPMG help small businesses achieve their success. According to statistics, it estimated 38.5k SMEs being registered in Singapore per year (ACRA statistics, 2010-14). This clearly subjects an extension in a general direction for entrepreneurship and innovation for Accounting Services in Singapore.

It is very important for a top tier firm to consider the use of accounting software like Xero which is greatly designed for small businesses. It also creates its own trend and their revenue does not rely anymore on basic time billing services. Many advisors today support businesses to grow which clearly shows great news for accounting services for small business Singapore.

The trend has also been supported by Mr. Owi Kek Hean, who is the Deputy Managing Partner and Head of Enterprise Market Segment at KPMG in Singapore.

Singapore: Gateway to Asia

Singapore has long been labelled as a central business hub for Asia. It provided a positive vibrant for firms within Asia/Pacific Island territory. It’s great to hear that medium to larger top tier firms are now showing attention to the used of Xero Accounting.

adminXero Goes Platinum in Singapore