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Xero reaches 200,000 customers in Australia

by admin on April 13, 2015 Comments Off

Recently, Xero accounting announced that there will be another huge milestone achievement for their company. Their company reached over 200,000 users which are comprised by small business owners. Last February 2014, the software company announced that their branch located at AU had over 100,000 customers. It is quite incredible to see that in just 1 year they have already doubled the number of customers who are paying for their accounting software in the market. Xero has a commitment to all of its avid users that they will continue to improve the features and applications which is based on cloud accounting. They are making sure that the software is made up of unique and beautiful design. This served as their advocacy in making innovations for the business market. Xero accounting has always been committed to create simple designs of their software. They have proved that their multi-pronged applications and features will reach some of the interested customers. Early this year, xero has over 150 new updates to their loyal customers, providing them new guidelines in using this accounting software.

They are also thankful for the utmost support of their loyal bookkeeping and accounting services partners in Australia. They are working hand in hand in providing better services to their worldwide customers. They are helping over 2 million small enterprises all over the world to meet their company’s demand in gaining more profit and reducing their administrative burden. The software company has acknowledged more than 400 add-on partners who are responsible for improving the software. It is built with an amazing cloud accounting features that is responsible for integrating the world-renowned Xero. They added that these partners have brought some of the best useful changes and innovations to the small enterprise sector, not just in Australia but also in some of the leading business markets in the world like in Singapore. Accounting service Singapore has helped multi-billion dollar business owners. Bookkeepers, accountants and business owners are very thankful for the significant milestone that Xero has contributed to the business community. More interested customers are switching from manual accounting to this automated software. This will just not save much of their time, but also they can save more cost when it comes to their manpower. This software can save much data and financial information and can be accessed anywhere all over the world. Truly this accounting software made much innovation in the accounting and business world.

adminXero reaches 200,000 customers in Australia